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We know the Modern Social Web

Southern Cross Web and Social Marketing is an innovative, agile, client-oriented social web business serving the world. We have clients in  Massachusetts, California, Hawaii and elsewhere in the USA; various locations in South America, and beyond.

Welcome to our emerging, evolving, always-in-beta, website. We are focusing our current efforts on multiple social media management clients, content writing for other websites, upgrades to our website clients’ site and social networks, and a few “special projects” we can’t disclose. Deliberately, own own beta site is sparse, while we put our clients first.

We’re developers, writers, social media marketers, big thinkers about your strategy, and the type of folks who can pull together unusual combinations of talents and viewpoints.

1024px-Deep_Crux_wide_field_with_fogWhat do we do? We know a lot about the Modern Social Web, about adaptive and/or responsive site design, about pieces of “discoverability glue” and “serendipitous discovery” that your typical web developer and designers don’t. We have years of experience understanding the security and reliability concerns of business. We have published-author content-writer credibility. We have significant Social Graph visibility and understanding.

We not only can build your site, we will partner with you for an online promotional program, get you the exposure you need, and do it following the latest guidelines from the search engines like Google and Bing. What we won’t do is “link building”, “pay-for-placement”, “keyword spam”, or other discredited techniques that others are still charging for while Google and Bing are killing off the rankings of sites using that 2004-style SEO.

Here’s what we’re not: We’re not “web designers”. We don’t have an art department, we’re not artists, we don’t even believe in the art-centric perspective about creating a web presence. If you do, we might not be for you. That’s ok. However, we do work with our clients to find the right available commercial and other sources of themes, layouts, and visual approaches. We have “co-working” partnerships and “co-opetition” connections with companies and individuals who are design-centric, who can create your artwork and logo. Or we can work with your existing artwork.

What we are not interested in, is thinking of the web as if it’s a magazine print layout. If you’re coming to us with a PSD file and want your site to look “exactly like this”, we’re not the right provider for you. Why? Because we believe that’s wrong. We believe that approach is misinterpreting the power of the web, and is disrespecting your readers, customers, viewers, prospects, users – who want to choose their own devices, browsers, mobile presentations, form factors. The web never was about fixed format layouts, and in the 2nd decade of the 21st Century it’s even less so. Your sites have to be accessible, and beyond that, meaningful and delightful, across huge multi-monitor setups, traditional computer screens, tablets, phones, smart watches, eyeglasses, and more. Thus, you won’t find a gallery of pretty front pages of art-oriented sites here. That’s not what we do.

Our own site is not some big fancy endeavor, because we are putting Clients First! We did  fast, early-and-often, agile releases, months ahead of schedule, due to the special requirements of our launch client, Author Susan Joyce’s The Lullaby Illusion Book and Author Platform site network. World events and the economy of the European Union meant that her network of sites using our BeyondSocial™ strategy had to be online right away.  Her book and commentary ties right into the Cyprus and greater Eurozone crisis, and she has a voice which needs to be heard on the topic, so we delivered for her. We chose to reveal our new branding as part of her launch, but not to delay her projects, nor our other clients, by putting our own site buildout ahead of them.

While executing on that client’s site strategy, a local hotel changed ownership and wanted an English-language website and smart marketing.  We now are engaged with the Viapark Hotel and Restaurant in Parque del Plata, Uruguay, making sure their new site is ready for the high season here in the Southern Hemisphere. We are writing content for clients of health, fitness, travel, logistics, and other types of companies, all around the world. Some of them our web clients, some just for content, some a combination of both along with Social Media Management.

At the same time, we’ve been doing Quality Assurance for multi-format e-book publications, rewriting the non-native-English of a European Language School’s site content into colloquial and action-oriented modern English, and many other web/social-media-related engagements. All of those come ahead of us building an overblown own-site.

We do have room for you in our schedule. Contact us at, Twitter @SouthCruzWeb, or on Facebook at

So get in touch if we can help you, or if you’re not sure what you need. If we have to put your site ahead of ours, no problem, we put Clients First!

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